The Museum currently displays the majority of its permanent collection in its original building, a former store. Floor to ceiling shelves and various display cases around the room are “stocked” with hundreds of objects from the collection. This is a relatively fixed display with materials grouped by subject.  The second section of the museum is a house with various sections dating from the late 18th to the mid-19th century.  It was renovated by the Society and opened in 2008.  Some rooms, including a parlor, are furnished to suggest how the house might have looked in the 1890's or 90's. One room was renovated to display outstanding examples of tools dating from the 17th century to the present. 

Temporary and Changing Exhibitions

The Museum develops temporary exhibitions to highlight special parts of Wellfleet’s history. One room in the house section of the Museum has changing displays of period clothing. Another features objects of special interest to children and young students.  Presently, the second floor rooms feature a temporary exhibition of items related to Captain Lorenzo Dow Baker, a Wellfleet native (1840-1908) who pioneered in importing  bananas and other tropical fruit from the Caribbean. The works in this exhibit are on loan from Baker’s descendants. 

Special exhibitions 

Special exhibitions are also organized in conjunction with special occasions and on a rotating basis for the summer season. To celebrate Wellfleet’s 250th anniversary in 2013, an exhibit of photographs, paintings, maps, and objects was presented in the public library.  Parts of this exhibit were circulated during winter 2014 at a local bank and the Senior Center. The Museum also presents special exhibits in conjunction with the local Blossoms festival in April, OysterFest in October, and the winter holiday tour in December.