August, 2016

Dear Members of the Wellfleet Historical Society and Museum,

Since its founding in 1951, WHSM has been governed by a set of Bylaws that set out its purposes and organization.  Article VIII of the Bylaws provides that amendments to the Bylaws may be adopted at any regular Annual Meeting of the Society by a two-thirds vote of the members present.

The Bylaws currently in effect were adopted at the Annual Meeting in August, 2013 and have proven to be an effective blueprint for WHSM’s organization and growth.  Beginning in 2015, the ad hoc Bylaws Committee and the Board have considered some additional minor changes that they feel will further enhance their ability to achieve the goals and purposes of the organization.  These changes were approved for consideration by the membership at the Annual Meeting in August, 2016 at Board meetings in January and July, 2016.

The change in Article IV (Annual Meeting) provides flexibility in the scheduling of the Annual Meeting.

The changes in Article V (Board of Directors) provides for an optional increase in the number of Board members, making it possible to strengthen the Board as necessary for undertaking ambitious goals or projects.  By giving the Board the responsibility for organizing itself and WHSM’s Standing Committees on an annual basis, it follows the practice of the Town and allows more flexibility in the use of Board resources.

The changes in Article VI (Officers and Duties) simplify Board assignments to Committees (see the changes in Article IV).

The changes in Article VII (Committees) also clarifies Board assignments to Committees and allows longer service on Committees for WHSM members not on the Board.


Brad Williams, President
Dee Portnoy, Vice President
Bill Carlson, Secretary
Dawn Rickman, Treasurer                            
Nancy Bierhans
John Connors
Dwight Estey
Nancy Rea
Seth Rolbein
onnie Robicheau